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The Podcast!

Thanks for checking out the Improv Comedy Connection podcast.  I’m very excited to see how the podcast evolves over time, and know that listeners and guests will be a big part of how that goes — but let me share a little bit with you regarding why I’m doing this podcast and what it’s all about.

This isn’t the first podcast on improv or comedy or even on communication more generally.  Maybe you’re like me and you want more content to consume from all the great voices in those fields — and of course a hope of introducing some new voices, too.  But I’m also hoping this podcast will hopefully be a little bit different, as I want to have an additional focus on the interpersonal connectedness that should come with, in my opinion, good improv, good comedy, and good communication.

Each episode will deal with one or more of four main topics – and you’ve probably already figured at least three of them out.  Improv.  Comedy.  and Connection.  The fourth is Communication — and yes I’m aware that “Communication” isn’t in the podcast title.   🙂

In each episode I want to highlight the insight, perspective and stories of my guests who I think will enrich your experience in improv, comedy, communication and in life generally.  I hope I’ll do a good job of bringing all that out as a host and not get in the way of all that my guests can offer — but I might need a bit more grace from you as I grow in that skillset.

Any time a podcast is started, there are some choices to make.  Although these choices might need to change as we get into it, here’s how I intend to approach things at the start:

  1. Episodes will primarily be in an interview format.  They won’t be two hour long interviews, but I think you get something more with an extended conversation than you get in a compressed time where “best quotes” ends up being the focus.
  2. I am going to focus on seasons — probably of 10 – 12 episodes a season.  There may be more than one season in a year, but I’m building in breaks for myself and know that a weekly, 52 episodes a year pace would be easy to burn out on.  I admire those podcasters who have that stamina, but it’s not practical for me to make that commitment.  I am doing this for the intellectual curiosity of it and not with any financial expectations (other than a bit of financial loss, I suppose!).
  3. I expect to have a varied group of guests and perspectives.  I’m not going to agree with them all on everything, and I’m sure you won’t either.  But I think that’s healthy and helps you grow.  Unfortunately, that’s not something that most people seem to embrace, if social media is any indication.
  4. With that said, there will be a tilt more towards improv and applied improv first, towards comedy next, and communication third — with again that interpersonal connection as a thread throughout.

I’ve got some other ideas, and I’m certainly open to hearing more ideas about who to interview, how to structure the podcast, etc.  Just shoot me an email at and I’ll be sure to consider your thoughts!

Thanks again for your interest in the podcast!




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