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David Escobedo — SE04 EP13

Our guest on this episode of the Improv Comedy Connection is David Escobedo. David has been coaching and performing improv since 1994. In fact, he coached his first improv team, as there weren’t any improv schools around! Later he took classes at iOwest, Second City and other improv schools around Los Angeles. He is quick to acknowledge the impact of his improv teachers during this time, including Jay Sukow (Jay was part of the COVID-19 Improv Summit and was interviewed as part of Season 4), Paul Vaillancourt (Paul was interviewed in Season 1), Liz Allen, Steve Green, Duncan Cameron, Vanessa Anton, and more that he would view as particularly inspirational.

One of the philosophies he firmly believes in is that the improv ecosystem is much more flat than we’re led to believe. He rejects the notion that there is a dynamic hierarchy of “good improvisers” or teachers, and firmly wants to see people and institutions being put on pedestals. His goal as a teacher is to make you a peer, not a constant student (cash cow). That way there are more people to do good improv with!

David is pursuing his PhD in Chester, UK. He lives there with his super talented and creative partner Monica Escobedo and their adorable new child, Q.

You can find David and one of his most important projects at:

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