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Hellena Jang — SE04 EP12

Our guest for this episode is Hellena Jang.  Hellena is an improviser, instructor and agile coach in Seoul, Korea, as well as the founder of Imfrog – likely the first Korean language improv troupe on the Korean peninsula.  She was introduced to improv through Seoul City Improv, an English language troupe established by ex-pats in the city.  That experience led to perhaps one of the most intense deep dives into improv – a couple of extended, immersive journeys that Hellena took to learn about a great many of the North American improv schools, traditions and communities – that helped shape the force of improv that is Hellena Jang.

In this episode, we talk about that journey, a bit about the European and Asian festival scene, leading in improv, her pioneering work, and the Korean language and culture and improv.  And Hellena is just fun to talk with!

You may recall Hellena from her contributions to the Covid-19 Improv Summit in the following two episodes:

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You can connect with Hellena in a number of ways:



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