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Ken Davis – SE01 EP12

Ken Davis joins Whit for episode 12 of the podcast. Ken has been a motivational and inspirational communicator, comedian, humorist, trainer, and mentor who has impacted millions of lives over the course of his 50 year or more career. With respect to communication, specifically, Ken has developed the SCORRE Method and related materials to help speakers communicate more clearly and powerfully. While the focus of communication and improv or stand up might be different, establishing goals for a show or performance can be just as important for setting things up for success. It’s a real treat to get a generous amount of wisdom and insight from a successful, veteran communicator like Ken.

Ken’s main website is at There you will find links to SCORRE Training, an archive of episodes for the Secrets of Dynamic Communication podcast, information on his 12 books, at least as many DVDs, and his one man performance of Fully Alive! which you can also find on Netflix, and much more.

You can Ken on social media at Facebook and Twitter.