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Michelle Gilliam — SE04 EP06

Michelle Gilliam is a voice actor and improviser  based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the founder of Improv MKE. She has been involved with improv since high school, and at various times has been immersed in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Boston improv scenes.  Since the pandemic, she adeptly stepped into the global, online improv community where her skills and thoughtfulness about the art and the community aspects of improv have garnered her world-wide respect.

Her emphasis on being human applies to both the art and community, and can be seen quite clearly in everything Michelle does. Her experiences are easily accessible and welcoming, and you can find many of them by going to or to the World’s Greatest Improv School.  You can also find Michelle and Improv MKE around social media – including:

Improv MKE | Facebook



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