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Stacey Hallal — SE04 EP08

In this episode, we get the joy of talking with Stacey Hallal – founder of the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon where she serves as Artistic Director as well as a regular performer, writer, director and teacher. We talk a bit about her leadership at Curious, but she’s also known for her Ruby Rocket, Private Eye character and much, much more.  We discuss her affinity for “cross-training” – which dates back to her experience in Chicago in going through the training at iO, Annoyance, Second City along and others, along with experiencing a host of different approaches to improv from the scores of comedy festivals she’s been a part of in one capacity or another.

Keep up with Stacey at:

Instagram: @thestaceyhallal

Curious Comedy Theater

Ruby Rocket, Private Eye

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