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Luana Proença — SE04 EP07

In this episode, we get to hear from Luana Proença – an improviser from Brazil, presently studying for a PhD in theater/improvisation in Lisbon, Portugal. Luana is a known quantity in much of the global improv world, but not nearly well-known enough in the English-speaking, North American improv community. Listening in will help change that if that’s where you’re based, and you’ll thank me for the experience later.

Luana has some very interesting, and clear observations and understandings of the various roles an improviser plays within any performance. I recommend her book on that subject highly, and you can find a link to get your copy below – with very friendly pricing arrangements so that you can be as generous as you can be to Luana while taking advantage of her wonderful work.  We also consider the impact other voices can have on each of us — first through the lens of the documentary she produced with contributions from 60 improvisers from all over the world — to just each other’s voices.

After listening, be sure to explore all of what’s below:

Luana’s Website:  Luana Proença

The book discussed in the episode: Our Direction at Stake

Another Book : Have you ever wondered if…? Questions for Teaching Impro
The authors are 12 women (including Luana) from different countries in Latin America and Spain that participated of the Feminist Pedagogical Laboratory La Otra Esceña, with a view to reflecting on classroom practices regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

You Had to Listen to Other Voices
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