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COVID-19 Improv Summit — Globalization of Improv Part 1

This is the first of a two-part conversation among 13 improvisers from 10 countries and 6 continents about the impact and implications of globalization on the art of improv. Recognizing that we are still under unusual circumstances and that live, in person, in theater improv will return, the panel discusses how we all might consider the world of improv which we now know is both smaller and larger than we understood before the present health crisis.

Panelists: Oluwadmilola Apotieri-Abdulai (Nigeria), Joe Bill (USA), Tandi Buchan (South Africa), Nick Byrne (Australia), John Gebratatose (USA), Hellena Jang (South Korea), Kaisa Kokko-Palmer (Finland), Sven Lanser (The Netherlands), Felipe Ortiz (Columbia), Katy Schutte (UK), Patti Stiles (Australia), Cheng Zeng (China), moderated by Whit Shiller (USA)