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COVID-19 Summit — Improv on the Other Side

This is the final session of the COVID-19 Summit. In this conversation, we focus on what we’ve learned or observed in the current season that may help us better “re-start” on the other side of quarantine. While we discuss where we’re at in the moment, this is more of a forward looking conversation with a high interest in the art of improvisation. We hope you find insight, connection, encouragement and plenty of food for thought in this episode.

Panelists: Joe Bill (USA), Beatrix Brunschko (Austria), Jimmy Carrane (USA), Omar Galvan (Argentina/Spain), Stacey Hallal (USA), Inbal Lori (Israel/Germany), Feña Ortalli (Aregentina/Spain), Patti Stiles (Australia), moderated by Whit Shiller (USA)

This conversation is also available on YouTube.

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