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Shannon Dale Stott — SE03 EP03

Shannon Dale Stott is an improviser and instructor out of Austin, Texas. She’s brilliant, fun and thoughtful and was the inspiration I (Whit) needed to start recording interviews again. We spent a fair amount of time on matters of vulnerability and attunement in this conversation. In fact, we probably spent another hour or so afterwards discussing related topics. The notion of vulnerability training I think deserves space in every improv curriculum, and not just as a one off but something closer to the core – and I think that dovetails in with attunement as a discipline individually and within a community. But all that requires work and thoughtfulness. The net result is better improv, better community, and more joy – so it’s worth it. But it still requires doing the work.

This is definitely one of the longer episodes, and as jam packed as it was there’s a lot more we could have dove into. As much as you’ll get from the conversation, you’ll likely want to hear and experience more from Shannon. There are a number of ways to do that, including looking her up on social media (FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube in particular), search for classes she might lead at The Hideout Theater in Austin, and on patreon too by going to Shannon posts some specific content there for supporters. Lastly, you can find out that much more at her website

In the episode, I mention that a specific inspiration to do this episode with Shannon was her video on Attunement. If you’d like to view that yourself, you can see it here:

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