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Anne Libera — SE03 EP05

Get ready for a college level conversation in this one credit symposium with Anne Libera.  Anne has worked with The Second City since 1986 and taught in their  Training Center since 1991, but is also the Director of Comedy Studies for the Theater Department at Columbia College in Chicago where she teaches History and Analysis of Modern Comedy and Comedy Survey I and II. She is the author of The Second City Almanac of Improvisation and is working on a new book on what it takes to be funnier and other aspects of comedy.  This is a wide ranging conversation that will provide you with a perspective on what makes improv and comedy work, aspects of the industry, and so much more.
You can find more about Anne at the Second City or find her on Twitter @AnneLibera1.
* Note that this conversation was recorded in early 2020, well before quarantine was instituted in most of the world.  

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