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Balasree Viswanathan — SE03 EP06

In this episode, Whit sits down with Balasree Viswanathan. Bala is an improviser based in Bangalore, India, where she is also the co-artistic director of Improv Comedy Bangalore and a performer with The Adamant Eves, India’s first and currently only all-women improv ensemble. Improv is newer in India, and particularly Bangalore – and we discuss its developments and distinctives, inclusive of the specific experience she’s had with The Adamant Eves.

Bala has been improvising since 2016 and has performed in shows in the US, across India and more recently, in Sri Lanka – but has been very active in the global improv community online. She not only is performing with improvisers all over the world via Zoom, but she offers training herself as a facilitator of online workshops.

You can also get more info about Bala in the August, 2020 edition of the global improv magazine, Status.

Social Media/Contact:
Facebook and Instagram : @ICBangalore and @adamanteves

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